Spectrolyzer was developed out of the need for scientists and researchers to analyse and easily extract valuable information from mass spectrometry datasets in proteomics. Its been an international colaboration between faculties and industry. Below is a description of the first launched product for omics data i.e. proteomic and metabolic biomarker discovery. The product is, with success, used by scientists researching cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

It´s said that ”90 percent of world data has been created in the past two years.” About 80 percent of all of that data is unstructured. Which is why big data and artificial intelligence of wich Machine Learing is a part now have emerged as strategic assets. AI is just about the only way to wring insight out of unstructured datasets so large. MedicWaves expertese in developing Machine Learning algorithems and software for Data Mining, is now put to use too meet the need to analyse the ever increasing amount of data, in more areas than proteomnics.

Spectrolyzer are available in three different versions

Spectrolyzer P for MALDI

for Proteomics

  • Pre-processing for MALDI spectra.
  • Data mining for MALDI spectra.
  • Protein identification for MALDI spectra.

P for MALDI full specification

Spectrolyzer P for LC-MS

for Proteomics

  • Pre-processing for LC-MS spectra.
  • Data mining for LC-MS spectra.
  • Protein identification for LC-MS spectra.

P for LC-MS full specification

Spectrolyzer M for LC-MS

for Metabolomics

  • Pre-processing for LC-MS spectra.
  • Data mining for LC-MS spectra.
  • Molecule identification for LC-MS spectra.

M for LC-MS full specification

License Info

Full license covers perpetual license for one computer. Full license also includes one year of free Support & Service along with all software upgrades released within that period. There is a possibility to order free (excluding expenses) one day training. We offer discounts if purchasing more than one Full License.

Rental covers three months license for one computer. Sample import during that period is unlimited. Rental comes with three months of free Support & Service. This license is valid for one computer only.

Limited Imports covers up to 100 file inputs into Spectrolyzer. However the number of analyses counducted on imported data is unlimited within a year from the date of purchase. This license is valid for one computer only.

Essential version of Spectrolyzer is limited in analysis capacity in comparison to the full version. It covers full preprocessing, single biomarker detection module, one-dimensional analysis, PCA and database identification of proteins or metabolites. Spectrolyzer Essential is a perpetual license for one computer.

Viewing License: If you bought a license for one computer then you can view the data and the results from analyses on other computers without additional fees. Please contact us if you are interested in getting a Viewing License.

”Our main strong point is discovering biomarkers within your dataset. With just a few clicks, your data is analyzed and the valuable information is extracted and visualized, allowing you to quickly reveal biological findings.”

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